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Project Description

An enterprise-proven tool to automatically generate template-based directory structures, along with groups, members and ACLs.

DirCreator reads an XML template, optionally parses it using NVelocity meshed-up with input-data and applies the template by locating and invoking the corresponding IStorageAdapter implementation via a dynamic factory (powered by IoC).

DirCreator is completely developed using the IoC pattern. It's backbone is the autofac container, to which you can register your own or override general implementations.


DirCreator makes it easy to create directory-structures based on templates for various scenarios, such as department-, project- and process-folders. DirCreator creates or maintains the hierarchies, applies rights information and creates new Groups on the fly.

Note that I use this software for a multi-site enterprise for maintaining a structured, self-service and ACL-rigid fileshare. So all enhancements are based on actual needs and are tested before they are officially released. If you have any questions or feature requests, please contact me.


\\domain\Projects (existing root path of a template, all company users have List permissions)
 +- P_001.2012 MyProject (new project-dir, ACL-inheritance removed, but rights copied, new Groups are created and permissions assigned)
     +- Project Management (only PMs have RW access, PMO has read access)
     +- Reports (all project members have read access, PMs and PMO have RW access)
     +- Share (all company users have RW)

File Description
SampleProject.xml Example template - used for every project-instance to be created
SampleProject-001.job.xml Job file - used by the commandline client or the windows-service to create a folder on demand
SampleProject.csv Example CSV file - used optionally (instead of the job file) by the commandline client to create many folders at once

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