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To create a template, start off with an empty one (EmptyTemplate.xml). If you copy the schemas supplied with the package to the same directory and edit the template with VisualStudio, syntax-highlighting and validation for the XML file is automatically enabled. Other editors may support this as well. Please consult their documentation.

new since build
You can now easily create a configuration XML from an existing directory structure:
DirCreator.exe ReadAcls -d c:\Temp\PathToMyDirectory -r true -x c:\Temp\NewTemplate.xml

Directory Section

Define the SecurityEntries of the directory, and optionally any sub-directories to be created

Members Section

Define the members referenced in the SecurityEntries

Testing the template

now you are ready to call the DirCreator commandline like this:
DirCreator.exe -t EmptyTemplate.xml -n "Root=c:\Temp,DirectoryName=MyFirstRun" -v All

This will create a new Directory c:\Temp\MyFirstRun. Use the --simulate true switch to print out, what would happen, without actually creating any directory or group.

Optionally, you can use a job-file and invoke the template via the commandline or windows-service.

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